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Yemi Alade Cancels Show Following Canadian Visa Denial

Yemi Alade, a celebrated Nigerian Afrobeat singer, reportedly postponed her performance at the Nuits d’Afrique festival after receiving a Canadian visa denial.

The singer Yemi Alade’s performance at the Nuits d’Afrique festival, which was scheduled to take place in Canada Montreal, has been postponed since the embassy rejected her request for a visa.

According to sources, the Nigerian Afropop singer’s team’s visa application was denied for financial reasons and out of concern that they wouldn’t depart Canada after the performance was over.

The singer won’t be able to play at a festival’s last closing concert on Sunday, according to Le Devoir, a French-language newspaper produced in Montreal and distributed across Canada.

“Finally, we got an answer saying the musicians were refused, saying they have to guarantee that they have enough financial means that will make them go back to their country,” she said.

“The procedures are longer than ever. I know when they’re from Africa, it’s not easy to get them here and never guaranteed,” the festival co-founder Suzanne Rousseau said.

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