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Kevin Hart Trolls Will Smith As He Buys Chris Rock A Goat And Names It “Will Smith” [Video]

After purchasing Chris Rock a goat with Smith’s name on it, Kevin Hart recently made fun of Oscar-winning actor Will Smith.

On stage at Madison Square Garden, a legendary New York venue, Hart gave Rock the goat.

At MSG, the pair gave a joint performance, with Dave Chapelle, another comedic great, introducing them.

Hart entered the stage after the performance to gift Rock with a goat.

He claimed that Chris received the animal as a present, but the comedian wasn’t really impressed.

You have to keep the goat. I bought you the f*cking goat,” Kevin told Rock.

“I have an apartment, Kevin. They barely let n*ggas in there,” Chris replied.

Chapelle stood onstage amused and asked what the goat will be called.

The name is Will Smith,” Hart hilariously announced.

Watch the video below…

The jab follows the iconic Oscars confrontation between the comedian and the actor.

As you may remember, Chris Rock made a bald joke about Jada Pinkett, the wife of Will Smith who shaved her head due to alopecia.

Chris made jokes about her resemblance to Demi Moore in G.I. Jane, which he apparently didn’t know.

Smith became enraged by this, got up, attacked the stage, and slapped Chris Rock.

Will Smith’s career has suffered since the “slap heard ’round the world,” when he lost many movie agreements and was expelled from the Academy for ten years.

In the meantime, Chris Rock’s career has taken off again, and he is currently on tour with Hart and mocking Smith.

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