Real Madrid: Rudiger ‘injures’ Modric with terrible tackle during Pre-season training(Video)

During a Real Madrid preseason workout, Antonio Rudiger may have injured his own teammate Luka Modric with a terrible tackle.

In the video seen by Ghnewsfile, the former Chelsea player lunged in to grab the ball from Luka Modric who attempted to dribble him, but Modric was knocked to the ground by the former Chelsea player’s foot and body.

Screaming in pain and remaining motionless on the ground, Modric gave the impression that he had been injured.

Rudiger, who appeared unconcerned, strolled away to carry on with his workout.

We are unable to establish Modric’s current condition, but given that he is an important player for Real Madrid, we hope it is not one of major injury.

Watch video below;

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