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Angela Okorie Threatens Blogger: “Gistlover Will Be My Scapegoat The Day He Shows His Face.”

Angela Okorie, a popular Nollywood actress and musician, has threatened Blogger Gistlover after accusing her of sleeping with Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Angela Okorie, an actress, has responded to the allegations levied against her by blogger Gistlover. Gistlover published names of celebrities who have been sexually involved with a man of God, Apostle Johns Suleman, in the early hours of today, Tuesday 26th July.

Gistlover, according to his mother, finds satisfaction in tearing people down. She questioned the blogger about why he still hides his face when lying to people. She also stated that the day Gistlover appears, he will be used as a scapegoat.

‘I don’t know why I never show him my face anymore.’ People are very trusting. How can you believe a faceless bitter individual who takes pleasure in tearing others down? What kind of blogging is that; it plainly demonstrates his/her aims. In reality, this country has a long way to go. Make him reveal his face first. Maybe a gistlover will be the scapegoat I’ve been looking for.”

In other news, Gistlover has released a long list of celebrities who have had sexual relationships with Apostle Johnson Suleman. According to him, the majority of these wealthy celebrities upobtained their fortunes from Apostle Johnson after sleeping with him.

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