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#Francey22 – Tracey Boakye Drops Pre-Wedding Photoshoot With Her Incoming Husband (Photos)

Tracey Boakye, nicknamed Borla Bird, is finally leaving the market, and she isn’t hesitant about flaunting it in front of everyone.

Videos and photos from the bridal shower that Borla Bird was hosting have appeared online.

In addition to the shower, which noticeably lacks her two fellow mafia gang members, pre-wedding pictures of the couple have also been made public online.

Intimate positions between Tracey and her future husband, Frank Badu, are captured in the photos.

In the first photo, they are touching foreheads; in the other two, Frank is kissing Tracey’s forehead and fingers.

We get our first official glance at the man leading Tracey down the aisle thanks to the beautifully captured and produced photos.

Frank Ntiamoah Badu is the name of the man, as Ghnewsfile.Com has already reported.

He is reportedly an actor from Kumawood who is based in Bremen and Hannover, Germany, just like Tracey.

Since she’s been secretly seeing him for a while, Tracey has reportedly taken vacations to Germany with her kids.

There is already some amusing rumors about him, but that is for another day.

Right now, just check out the pre-wedding photos below…

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