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Join Alpha Hour And Beg God For Yours – Abrewa P3t3 Diamond Trolled For Being Single As Borla Bird Gets Married

Following Tracey Boakye, Diamond Appiah’s lone sister in spinsterhood, leaving her to be married, a social media user bashed Diamond Appiah, alias Abrewa P3t3.

After Tracey held her bridal shower, fans teased Diamond for still being single and alone.

If you haven’t heard, Tracey Boakye, a Kumawood star and longtime sidekick, has decided to raise her status.

Tracey has decided she’s had enough of that life and is getting married after b*nking every wealthy man she could find, giving birth for some, and milking them for money.

She chose a young, attractive fellow Kumawood celebrity, and based on all appearances, she is the man in their relationship.

According to insiders, Tracey is footing the bill for the lavish wedding as well as having to feed her broke husband Frank.

She doesn’t mind, though, because she is finally getting the man she has always wanted.

Diamond hesitantly sent a message to Tracey and her new partner wishing them a happy marriage.

A troll jumped into the comment and advised Diamond to join Alpha Hour and petition God and maybe she will find a man willing to tolerate her as a wife.

We can’t wait to witness urs soon. Join Alpha Hour to pray. I know what am talking about dear,!” the troll told Diamond.

An angry Abrewa P3t3 replied: “Go and pray for yourself and your family,”

Check out the battle below…

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