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Miracle has a golden heart; she bought a car, rented a house, and started a business for Kofi Adomah’s ex-wife. Kofi employee reveals

Yakubu, a Kofi Tv employee, has taken on the ex-wife of his boss, Kofi Adomah.
Yabuku, a Kofi Tv employee, has accused his boss’s ex-wife of being an ingrate.

Yakubu has blamed his boss’s ex-wife for the audios, which were triggered by bad news concerning Kofi Adomah and Mrs Miracle Adomah.

According to him, his boss’s ex-wife is a drama queen who fakes dramas and lies in order to get at Kofi Adomah and Mrs Miracle Adomah.

He claimed that after doing the unthinkable to humiliate Kofi Adomah and Miracle, such as poisoning Kofi, they still care about her.

Mrs Miracle Adomah has a golden heart, according to Yakubu, because she bought a car for her husband’s ex-wife, set up a business for her, and rented a three-bedroom house for her in Kuntunse.

He further stated that they continue to feed the mother, care for her children, and pay her light and water expenses.

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