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Nigerian Man challenges a bottle water seller to a race and gives her N10,000 if she wins.

A Nigerian man identified as Ositapopcorn contacted numerous people and asked them to race him.

He promised them money if they competed with him and won the race.

He met a group of girls who didn’t even consider the offer. They instantly rejected it, claiming that they would never be able to win.

The Nigerian man finally found a bottle water salesperson who really needed the money after several fruitless attempts. The competition began once she accepted the invitation.

She sprinted with a smile on her face and eventually won the race, earning her a N10,000 cash reward.

She revealed after earning the $10,000 prize that she used to run extremely well in school and that the strength is still there.

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TikTok users applaud bottle water seller
@fashion_africa said:

“How to know those who don’t give up… They keep trying even when it all looks hopeless… Amazing woman.”
@ositadimmaokwuchi stated:

“Osile you makes me happy always, may God bless you and the sponsors .”
@samuelsly7 reacted:

“Awwwnnn!!! Her smile is so amazing ❤ Thank you bro, i know you deliberately slowed down so dat she can win.”
@joan200111 commented:

“You made me cry and smile at the same time and suddenly for 1sec my worries left me. .”

@kenpeter32 wrote:

“She still dey make mouth after they let her won.”

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