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Shocking! In Benue State, a lady died in a hotel room after allegedly meeting with an unknown politician.

It was learned that the lady arrived at the hotel in a romantic manner with the unknown politician. They went to the beer parlor and drank till they were satisfied before returning to their hotel room.

Normally, the hotel cleaners sweep and clean every morning, and when they arrived at the room where the lady and unknown politician were staying. Only the lady was sleeping, they noticed.

The hotel cleaners wanted to go on to the next room for their normal cleaning, but the lady showed no signs of life.

One of the cleaners went inside and touched her to see whether she was still alive, but there was no response. He yelled for assistance, and when the hotel manager arrived. It was confirmed that the lady had spent more than 5 hours in the next world. All attempts to locate the unknown politician have been useless.

The lady’s body was deposited in the mortuary, and the hotel management was in big trouble. This was due to the fact that he failed to invite the police before burying the body, and naysayers had alerted them.

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