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Uncovering Tracey Boakye’s full-term pregnancy in a corset gown during her engagement party is a controversial move.

Tracey Boakye, an actress, has been sighted while engaged looking significantly pregnant.

There is a good chance that Tracey is six months pregnant, based on the way she appears to be carrying her baby.

According to a video that has been shared on social media, Badu Ntiamoah appears to be significantly pregnant.

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In the corset outfit, her baby bump is obvious It’s not clear why Tracey decided to be so public with her pregnancy with her third child.

She had the option of dressing up or going sleeveless, depending on her preference.

The fact that Tracey Boakye is expecting her third child is a blessing, but it dims the luster of the wedding.

Because Tracey Boakye was set to be ‘born 3’ without a partner, it now appears that she is being compelled to get hitched.

It’s hard to believe that BB is pregnant again after apparently miscarrying her precious child!

You may see the video here.

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