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CCTV Footage: A man rescues a three-year-old daughter who fell from the sixth level of a skyscraper.

A video of the incident, taken by CCTV, was released to Twitter on Friday by China’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Zhao Lijiang, who showered accolades on the guy generally recognized as a hero.

Footage appears to show that the man had just finished making a phone call before racing toward the building at issue. A combination of his speed and sudden halt causes him to fall as he approaches the building’s footing. To avoid her falling to the earth, he extends out his arms and snatches the child in the air.

Chinese media sites quoted a guy as saying that after hearing an explosion from the top of the apartment building he turned to witness a young child falling from her window, according to a report by Yahoo news

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Even though he has received many accolades for saving the toddler’s life, the man is alleged to have claimed that he considers himself lucky.

She was transferred to Tongxiang Second People’s Hospital on Friday, where she was treated and discharged, even though she didn’t fall to the ground.

Many people have been reacting to the CCTV footage of the incident, which has gone viral and is still being shared online.

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