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Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Relationship: A Complete Timeline

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are about as close to American royalty as it gets. You can quote us on that.

Their epic musical contributions—like their joint project Everything Is Love, Bey’s Lemonade visual album, and Jay’s unofficial New York City theme song, “Empire State of Mind,” featuring Alicia Keys—have solidified their position as some of the best artists of our time.

Beyonce’s seventh album Renaissance is set to be launched and fans will scour the lyrics for personal details.

The former Destiny’s Child star rarely talks about her family, but she and her husband Jay-Z leave hints.

Since rumors started spreading in 2014 that Jay-Z cheated on his wife, BeyHive fans have grown increasingly detective-like.

We look back at the A-list couple’s relationship since those reports arose.

Cheated on Beyonce?

Jay-Z discussed his infidelity in a 2017 interview.

The couple’s lyrics hint at infidelity, and Jay-Z appeared to confirm it in a 2017 interview.

Here’s when family turmoil over alleged adultery went public.

Some media outlets reported earlier that Jay-Z had an affair.

Solange Knowles lashed out at Jay-Z in an elevator during the Met Gala after party on May 7.

“But our family has worked through it.

Jay and Solange have apologized, and we’re moving ahead as a family.

Beyonce appears to mention the incident in a remix of Flawless: “Of course, s*** go down when there are a billion bucks in an elevator.”

Beyonce and Jay-Z hit the road in June for their On the Run Tour, but rumors about their marriage persisted.

A month later, divorce rumors persisted.

Source: “They’re trying to split without divorcing”

Ring Off’s lyrics: “So tired of the lies and trying, fighting, sobbing” Removed the ring.”

Later, she revealed the song was about her parents.


People Magazine reports Jay-Z released an Instagram video of the couple’s 2008 wedding for their anniversary.

The 99 Problems singer has since deleted his account.


In May, the Crazy In Love singer attended the Met Gala alone, getting tongues wagging.

They performed together on Beyonce’s Formation tour and campaigned for Hilary Clinton in the fall.


Beyonce’s album Lemonade focuses on adultery and forgiveness, suggesting she utilized music as therapy.

Many fans and critics thought he was confirming Jay-infidelity. Z’s

Sorry referenced “Becky with the nice hair,” leading to many hypotheses about the mysterious woman.

Beyonce and Jay-Z revealed twins in February.

Instagram’s most “liked” photo smashed a record.

The births of Rumi and Sir were announced in July.

In the month of the twins’ birth, Jay-Z released 4:44, which purported to address Beyonce’s marital troubles.

“I apologize/Often womanize/Took my child’s birth to see through a woman’s eyes.”

Jay-Z confirmed his affair in November.

“Seeing the pain on someone’s face that you inflicted is the toughest thing,” he told the New York Times.

Jay-Z says his emotional problems began in childhood “You’ll emotionally shut off even with women, preventing the connection. I’m deep. Infidelity follows.”


Mrs. and Mrs. Carter’s On the Run II tour begins in June in Wales.

In the same month, they released a joint album called Everything Is Love.


Royalties Beyonce and Jay-Z met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Lion King premiere.

In the remake, Beyonce voiced Nala.


2020 Bey released Black Is King. Her spouse and three children made cameos.

The pair appeared in a Tiffany ad.

Renaissance’s first single Break My Soul was released on June 20.

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