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“They Don’t Teach Us Anything Significant About Ourselves In Schools”-Burna Boy Laments

Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning Nigerian Afro-fusion singer, has bemoaned the fact that African schools tend to focus their curricula on western knowledge and history rather than African history.

The “Love Damini” singer claimed in an interview that the educational system in Africa is set up in such a way that it only broadens students’ knowledge of western history and historical figures, not that of Africans.

They don’t teach us that in schools. They don’t tell us about ourselves. They tell us about you guys and they tell us about the Queen of England. They tell us but a lot of stuff that has no significance to us”, he said.

He implied that African children have always been taught to feel inferior to white people and that they lack the ability to bring about the change they so desperately want to see.

Burna Boy stated that he prefers to be filled with the knowledge of the black man than to learn more about the history of his ancestors in Africa prior to their enslavement by the white man.

“I also want the truth of our history before slavery and before the white man came in and before all that, to be the real history that’s told. This is not how we always was, some people came here and lied to you and took the crown off your head and told you you are a slave when they really came here and met you as a king”, he added.

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