“Once an Ash*wo, Always an Ash*wo” – Nana Tonardo Reacts to Asibolanga’s Lip-Locking Video with Shugatiti

In response to requests from his followers, Nana Tonardo has provided some details regarding the peculiar connection between Schwar and Titi.

Following an unusual kiss between Afia Schwar and Shugatiti, calls for the controversial socialite to speak increased.

The second kiss between the clout-seeking social media slayers comes after an earlier, shocking “Sismance.”

You may have already seen Afia and Shugatiti cuddling up at one of #FRANCEY22’s exhilarating gatherings.

Afia Schwar received a passionate kiss from Shugatiti that lasted for far longer than a blink of an eye.

Many people were outraged and criticized the pair for having a same-sex relationship when the video went viral on social media.

However, none of the defendants have publicly apologized or given a detailed account of what went wrong that evening.

Fans quickly deduced that Afia Schwar and Shugatiti are both lesbians, and that their deeds provided the necessary closure.

In Tonardo’s response, he reposted a copy of the video on his official page with the caption, “TW3 To TW3 ON THE LOW😂😂😂 Ajeiiiii 🤣 ONCE A PROSTITUTE ALWAYS A PROSTITUTE…. Tag ASIBOLANGA 😂😂 Supi Supi SAN3🤣

Fans also reacted with excitement as Odii Tonar confirmed their suspicions.

Check out a few below.

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