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“Serwaa Amihere Is Just A Good Friend, I’ve Never Done Anything With Her”-King Promise Reacts To Dating Rumors

The link between King Promise and the stunning Ghanaian media star Serwaa Amihere has been clarified by King Promise.

The musician said that he personally knows the presenter, although they are only “close friends.”

King Promise claims that he has never been intimately involved with Serwaa Amihere since, as far as he is aware, they are just good friends.

“Serwaa is a beautiful lady, I’m not gonna act like I don’t know her because I’ve known her for a while now and we are close and cool”, he said.

He said on Delay Show that Serwaa Amihere is a good friend and that is what people need to know, not that he owes anyone an explanation for who he chooses to be in a relationship with.

King Promise also utilized the same forum to dispel claims that he was dating a wealthy woman who supported his music career in Dubai.

A woman recently claimed that she was suing King Promise because he had spent her money and dumped her.

The singer of “5 Star” said that the woman was an investor and that they had never dated.

Speaking on why they no longer work, King Promise said he did not like the way she was running affairs and she refused to accept changes as well.

Watch the video below….

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