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Chris Rock Finally Reacts To Will Smith’s Emotional Apology After The Oscar Slap

Chris Rock, a well-known Hollywood actor, comedian, and MC, has spoken up about his tragic encounter with Will Smith at the 22nd Academy Awards ceremony for the first time.

You may recall that during the awards show in March, Will Smith smacked Chris Rock, which infuriated Hollywood insiders and fans alike.

Will Smith received a 10-year Oscars ban for his improper and violent behavior at the ceremony.

It was reported that Chris Rock made fun of the Fox Theater performance on Friday night in Atlanta in response to Will Smith’s tearful apologies.

Chris Rock claims that the earlier incident is in the past, and he even made a joke about Will Smith likening him to the imprisoned Hip-Hop rapper Suge Knight.

After posting an apology video to his social media account, actor Will Smith, 52, made this amusing move.

He claims that everyone is trying to appear sympathetic, but no one notices when the real victim is present. If this were the case, no one would be interested in hearing from the real victim, he claims.

Chris Rock made the hilarious assertion that he had to figure out what had happened right away after getting struck by a strong Knight.

He acknowledged that the day after he was assaulted, he went to work since he has a family to provide for and kids to feed.

In his words, he said ”Anyone who said words hurt has never been punched in the face”

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