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Deji from Love Island claims he kissed Indiyah many times in unaired scenes.

Despite Indiyah‘s mother informing Dami that her daughter did not kiss Deji after Casa Amor, the former Love Island star has revealed that they kissed several times.

Love Island’s Deji Adeniyi revealed just hours before the finale that he kissed Indiyah multiple times in Casa Amor… but the scenes were never aired.

Indiyah’s mother Dee and sister Shak grilled Dami about his Casa Amor antics, including the “three-way kiss,” on last night’s Meet The Parents program.

Before Dee mispronounced Dami as ‘Deji,’ she likened Indiyah’s behavior to his at Casa Amor and noted, “but Indiyah didn’t kiss Deji.”

The Casa Amor bombshell, on the other hand, claims that the duo kissed “a few times” in unaired scenes from the successful ITV dating show.

Deji stated on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast that the couple packed on the PDA and had no idea he was going to be rejected.

He expressed his surprise when Indiyah would sit on his lap and kiss him, with no indication that she might desire to recouple with Dami in the future.

“There were conversations where she would come to me and say, ‘Oh, he said this, this, and this,’ but she would be sitting on my lap kissing me,” he explained.

“So it was as though I didn’t have anything to worry about.” There was never a hint that said, “OK, you’re here now but gone tomorrow.”

He was on the show with Nathalia Campos, who questioned Deji’s assertions.

“I had no idea she kissed you?” “Did we ever see them kiss?” she inquired. “I don’t think so,” said host Will Njobvu.

“Did it not show?” Deji responded. “How many kisses… how many times…?” Will responded.

“Let me not speak,” Deji responded before admitting they kissed “a couple of times.”

The news follows Dee’s severe interrogation of Dami last night.

Dami apologized to Indiyah’s family for his behavior in Casa Amor.

“I was trying to explore another connection, but after doing so, I realized that could have been the wrong path to go.”

“But, in the end, I realized what I wanted, and what I want is your daughter.”

In response to Dee’s question regarding the three-way kiss, Dami stated, “I was just being an immature guy.”

Indiyah’s mother then asked, “But Indiyah didn’t kiss Deji, did she?”

“She wasn’t moving wild like you were,” India’s sister Shak said. It was quite exciting. When Indiyah returned with Deji, you appeared to be enraged.”

“It came over as thirsty,” Dee continued. “You seem to be redeeming yourself,” she later added.

During a conversation with her sister, Shak added, “If you’re happy, we’re happy.” “If she loves you, we love you too,” she said to Dami. “You two look great together.”

“I’m just pleased they’re happy for me and they see how happy I am truly so, yes, it’s the nicest feeling ever,” Indiyah added.

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