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Pochettino accuses PSG of being ‘obsessed’ with the Champions League and says he could have beaten Real Madrid.

PSG was knocked out of the Champions League round of 16 in March after a hat-trick by Karim Benzema.

That defeat would eventually lead to Mauricio Pochettino’s dismissal at PSG.


Pochettino suggested in a recent interview with Marca that PSG would have eliminated Real Madrid if Benzema’s opening goal had been given as a foul on Donnarumma.

“I think there was a foul, and if they had revised it on VAR, we would be talking about something else, about Madrid being eliminated,” Pochettino added.

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Pochettino also accused PSG of being preoccupied with winning the Champions League.

“Everything is focused on the Champions League, which sometimes distracts a little, and that demand seems to exist exclusively in the lead up to the Champions League,” Pochettino explained.

“In the other competitions, PSG’s advantage is assumed. The Champions League is the focus, and anything other than winning the Champions League is synonymous with failure.”

Despite spending over a billion euros on players in the last seven years, PSG has never won the Champions League.

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