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According to Chomzy, she doesn’t like Sheggz because he’s “too fat.”

Housemate Chomzy has said that Sheggz isn’t the type of guy she’d like to spend time with on Big Brother Naija.


One man’s meat is another man’s poison, as the adage goes. Housemate Chomzy does not appear to be as enamored with colleague Sheggz as Bella, as he labels him as “fat” in her words.

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When Deji arrived in the house as a new housemate, Chomzy was first apprehensive. Cameras filmed Chomzy’s conversation with Deji, who was asking her about the two men in her house who seemed to have an interest in her.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like Sheggz; she just doesn’t like him because he’s too fat.


“Chomzy to Deji. My kind of guy light skin guys.                                       D: Dr only guy in d house dat is fair in d house is married to Bella already that is sheggz but he is fine o                C: He’s too fat. I don’t like dat guy     S: But he is fine na                  C: Which fine. Sheggz is not even fine”.

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