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Pastor Adeoye Shola: If you want to date a 48 or 50-year-old man who has never been married, you need to go to counseling (VIDEO)

Pastor Adeoye of Nigeria thinks it’s a bad idea to date a man who is 48 or 50 years old.

He said that any woman who decides to marry one of these men will need to go to therapy. He thought that these men had been single for too long and that they would treat their wives like girlfriends and maybe even cheat on them.

You can watch him talk in the video below.

“If you’re dating a guy who is close to 48/50 and has never been married before, he might be a good candidate for marriage. That’s a huge warning sign. Before you can marry this kind of person, you need a lot of counseling.

You can’t. That person has been single for so long that they don’t know what it means to be committed. That person will likely cheat on you; ” pastor Adeoye stated.

Check out the video;


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baneli_prohair wrote; True. Like why will a man be single for that long  No ex-wife, No baby mama it’s a red flag.

swtnikky had this to say: Pastor shola God bless you, his emotions will have been toil with

officialdequez commented; Anything wey pastor say these days, I no dey believe ham this one guy man or pastor

detutusgram noted; This may not be entirely true but I defo do see where he is coming from! I am however mindful of grouping everyone as the same. It’s defo a concern to take into consideration but it doesn’t mean that the person should be eliminated!

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