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Before Tiger Woods’ $1 billion offer, Floyd Mayweather gambled $185 million and became a billionaire.

A small youngster entered the boxing ring 26 years ago and is now one of the finest ever. Floyd Mayweather is a great athlete. He’s a great fighter and a marketing genius who makes money.

Tiger Woods dominated golf and became a billionaire like Floyd Mayweather. He rejected a $1 billion deal.

Greg Norman’s breakaway tour included Lee Westwood, Phil Mickelson, and Dustin Johnson. Norman offered Woods $1 billion, but he declined.

Greg Norman said Woods rejected a nine-figure offer.

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Woods is a seasoned athlete who can decline such offers.

Floyd Mayweather is called “Money” for turning down lucrative agreements. But his hazardous decisions have made him $450 million now. Bob Arum said Mayweather was offered $65 million to fight Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao’s team even offered Mayweather a $100 million bout. But the American fighter declined both times.

Mayweather considered retirement when he was 2 fights from 50-0. And he told FightHype.com, “People have offered me ridiculous money to stay in the sport.” Up front $9k. Numbers have arrived. But I’m OK now.”

Mayweather also refused an $8 million offer from Top Rank chairman Bob Arum to face Antonio Margarito. HBO offered Pretty Boy a deal for 6 fights at $12.5 million. But he had other plans and rejected them too.

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