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Health experts say that there are six illness that can be cured by making love every day.

Many people know that close relationships are good for the body, but did you know that making love often can help heal some illnesses?

Because of this, you will learn today which six pains you can cure with this action. Intimacy also has positive effects on mental health, incontinence, and blood circulation, among other things. So pay close attention and find out what these illness are because at least one of them is probably something you couldn’t think of.

THE HEART. By being close to each other often, you will help your heart work well. Experts say that it lowers the risk of heart attacks and other problems with the heart.

HEADACHE. This is a great way to get rid of a headache because it makes oxytocin and endorphins flow. Even these hormones help the mind and body naturally calm down.

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INSOMNIA. When you are as relaxed as you can be, your tensions go away and you are more likely to fall asleep.

INCONTINENCE OF URINATION. Also, being intimate with a normal person helps with urinary incontinence because it strengthens the pelvis and stops the embarrassing leakage of urine.

PROSTATE. It can also lower the chance that you will get prostate cancer. It makes a barrier that protects against the growth of tumors.

LUNG CANCER. It acts like a shield against breast cancer, just like the prostate does. When a woman’s breasts are touched, oxytocin, a hormone that protects against this type of cancer, is made by her body.

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