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I Work As A Prost!tute For A Living – Shugatiti Finally Says

Shugatiti, a well-known Ghanaian n*dist, actress, and socialite, has revealed in her most recent tweet that she does indeed barter her body for money.

Her social media presence and viewpoint have frequently drawn criticism, but now Shugatiti dispelled the suspicions by admitting that she is a prostitute.

She blatantly admitted that she performs that as a full-time job to help the nation endure the severe economic crisis.

Her tone demonstrated that neither her family nor her conscience condemn her for what she does to survive.

She has also stated on her social media accounts that her restaurant will open on Saturday, August 6, 2020.

The new restaurant in Osu, which Shugatiti showcased and disclosed will be called the “Pot of Shuga,” has a stunning interior.

Check it out below.

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