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South Africa’s African rivals are likely to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

Africa’s first FIFA World Cup was a success in 2010. Spain won the well-organized tournament in South Africa.

Africa’s first FIFA World Cup was a success in 2010. Spain won the well-organized competition in South Africa.

As Qatar hosts in 2022 and North America in 2026, Europe will likely host in 2030. Africa can host another after that.

Many fans will skip the Qatar World Cup. Complete Sports reports that fans who drink outside of designated areas could spend 6 months in prison. Africa won’t have this problem.

Four countries are ready and able to host the FIFA World Cup.


Nigeria wanted to co-host the 2010 World Cup but didn’t. Oil-rich Nigeria could host in the 2030s. As it shares Europe’s time zone, it’s great for African and European viewers. Summers can be hot, so the event may be moved to winter.

Nigerians love football, and the national squad just missed qualifying for Qatar. A tournament in Nigeria would have a party atmosphere and improve infrastructure.


A World Cup in Egypt would be a magnificent spectacle for its distinct culture. Westerners would be more comfortable in a freer Islamic country that allows drinking and gambling than in Qatar. There are tourist destinations, 5-star resorts, and so much to see.


Morocco loves football and has numerous renowned venues. Casablanca, made famous by the 1942 film, is the most famous. North Africa qualified for the Qatar World Cup and boasts many talented players, including Chelsea’s Ziyech.

The 2030 bid is alone or alongside Algeria and Tunisia. England will bid for the same World Cup, so it could be tough.


Cameroon has qualified for the World Cup in Qatar. Joshua Oish’s platform includes bringing the World Cup to Cameroon. On state TV, he said he’d suggest his country and 2 sub-Saharan nations co-host.

Cameroon wants to host the World Cup after modernizing its stadiums for the 2021 AFCON. The country already boasts a 50,000-seat arena and a 60,000-seat stadium, so it’s a quarter-way there. Cameroon is Africa’s most successful World Cup squad, reaching the quarterfinals in 1990.


The World Cup is a non-stop fiesta where cultures connect over football.

After the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, there’s no reason to not have it there again.

Many countries are modernizing their transport, housing, and stadiums. Add the African people’s passion, and Africa is the best destination to host the 2030 World Cup.

With a precedent created in Qatar, it can be relocated from the summer to the winter in some places. Convenient timing is another selling element.

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