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Rick Ross alleges that Buckingham Palace rejected him access because he’s a rapper.

According to the rapper Rick Ross, Buckingham Palace turned him away and directed him to an eatery rather than the palace itself. Security may have viewed him as a danger.

There is a report in MTO News;

Rick Ross claims he was denied entry to Buckingham Palace on his trip to London.

Rick Ross states, “Alright, y’all saw me go to Buckingham Palace,” in the video. “I approached the homies and explained who I was—of course, the most powerful person in the world.” Despite my best efforts, I was denied entry for the first time in a very long time. I couldn’t get through the gates. It was a pity that I was unable to take a seat at the dinner table. The only thing he did was point me in the right direction and say that they’d be waiting for me. Afterward, he told me that I could choose the lobster that I wanted to eat from the menu. As a result, I was able to forgive him.

While the rapper may not have received the royal treatment in London, he has never signed an unsatisfactory contract.

To paraphrase Rozay on the Beyond The Chair podcast, “You gotta recognize when you a young artist I’m sure after your accomplishment anything you look back on will consider it a horrible contract.”

“Have I ever been cheated?” he asked. No. Have I ever been the victim of a burglary or mugging? No. Have I ever had to take legal action against someone with whom I had a musical partnership? No. I think it was because of the manner I walked. Anyone I was contractually bound to have an open line of communication with me, so if anything arose, I was able to explain it to them. As long as it’s a respectable deal, I’ll respect it because I’ve always believed that I could work myself out of any contract I signed, no matter how long it was.

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