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Jackie Appiah Lookalike Causes Stir With Whine Your Waist Dance – Flaunts Huge Backside

Recently, lookalikes have taken over social media with their convincing appearances!

And even though just a select number of our celebs are currently in the spotlight, it appears like they all have a lookalike.

Actress Jackie Appiah’s lookalike has also emerged after Black Sarif’s impersonator recently went viral on social media with his own rap song.

Due to her strong similarity to Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah, a woman is misfiring online users.

A woman who closely resembles Jackie Appiah is seen whining her flexible waist in dexterity in a video obtained by Ghnewsfile.Com.

Fans apparently can’t tell the difference between her and actress Jackie Appiah, so she must be generating quite a commotion.

At one point in the video, the shot pauses, and Jackie Appiah’s shadow was practically visible from every angle!

Watch the video below;

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