I Won’t Campaign For NPP in 2024 If Nothing Is Done In Ashanti Region – Kusi Boafo

The leadership of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been forewarned not to rely on Mr. Thomas Kusi Boafo, CEO of Public Sector Reforms, to run for government in 2022 if there is no improvement in the Ashanti region.

There is a perception that the NPP administration has disregarded the Ashanti region’s development.

Good roads, street lighting, and a host of other amenities that enhance the quality of life for inhabitants are present in the party stronghold.

The idea that NPP is ingrained in their DNA is no longer true, according to some young people in the area who recently told the media at a news conference.

They clarified that they would only support political parties that would not abandon them once they gained power.

Kusi Boafo, a prominent member of the governing political party, responded to requests for development in the Ashanti Region by saying that he cannot join the party’s campaign there if no development is anticipated before 2024.

“I’ve spoken to them that with regards to the roads in Kumasi if nothing is done about them I just Boafo cannot join the campaign in the Ashanti region. I won’t join because a lot has happened and I can’t list sit there and watch. We have done some but some major face lifts to make Kumasi what it is should be done,” he said on Wontumi Radio.

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