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A Ghanaian woman in the UK cried after hosting the woman who snatched her husband.

A Ghanaian woman living in the UK is in disbelief and sobbing uncontrollably after learning that a Ghanaian woman she aided abducted her husband.

Josephine Aninagyei, the spouse snatcher, allegedly reached out to blogger Aba the Great for assistance some time ago, as recounted by Aba the Great.

She claimed to be stranded in the UK with no where to stay.

She pleaded with the blogger, “Please use your influence to get me a place to stay until I can get my own place.”

“Aba, good morning. Please assist me. I’m currently residing in Great Britain. Work is the reason I traveled here… Josephine pleaded, “Could you please help me find someone in the UK who can house me for a while so that I can leave when they call me for work?”

The blogger located a host family for Josephine to reside with, a married Ghanaian woman with children; however, Josephine exploited this as a chance to steal the guy away from his wife.

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And now the enraged blogger has returned to publicly shame her.

In her message, she recalled the day when “most of you would remember this post,” referring to the time when “one of you” needed a place to stay in the UK and she swiftly posted to find support for her. I was lucky enough to have a sister who lives in London and offered her and her family a place to stay. My sister not only helped her secure employment outside of London, but she also covered the costs of her lodging and transportation there and back.

In the future, it seems the woman is stalking the husband of her host.

My sister and I helped a Ghanaian woman, and I now found out that the woman has been meeting my sister’s husband, who has been doing things for her like paying for her train fare so she can visit him and buying her gifts, among other things.

To cut a long tale short, it’s possible that this woman is having an affair with my sister’s husband. To save the world and show my love for humanity, I have brought this MESS into my sister’s marriage,” Aba the Great continued.

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