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Efia Odo Exposed After Discreetly Getting Butt Lifted Under Pressure: Pic Sparks Roar

Efia Odo, a renowned socialite, and actress in Ghana, allegedly had a buttocks implant.

Rumors are circulating that Efia Odo has caved to online pressure and decided to engage in butt lifting.

After making fun of other bloggers who have done it, blogger Tutugyagu has intimated that it was finally Efia Odo who took the plunge.

In a video uploaded on Tutugyagu, Efia Odo flaunts her expanded nyash while wearing a skimpy bikini.

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Even if the difference in Efia Odo’s shape is noticeable, she is being very discreet about her rumored new butt.

Also, Sista Afia has always been the target of Efia Odo’s body-shaming because of how fake she looks.

Efia Odo had already given Sista Afia the hippopotamus moniker before she even had her butt surgery.

Some of us, like Efia Odo, had assumed she’d never cave to the pressure of social media, but apparently, she has, and in a very stealthy way!

Look at the picture I’ve included;

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