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If your wife is causing trouble at home, Ajagurajah advises men to marry again.

Bishop Ajagurajah advises that if a man’s wife is causing him frustration, he should seek solace elsewhere.
A man should divorce his wife if she does not measure up to his standards, according to the controversial man of God who is known for infamous comments that gravely undermine his reputation as a man of God.

Ajagurajah stated on Andy Dosty’s Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM that men should not wait to find solace in other women once their wives begin making life unpleasant.

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His advice was, “If your wife is mistreating you, get a divorce and marry someone else.

During the same sermon, the prophet, the whose given name is Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, claimed that God had more affection for a prostitute than a devout Christian woman.

Ajagurajah based his claim that God wants all sinners to have access to him to receive redemption on the biblical love God tends to show sinners more than those on his side already.

A prostitute has God’s undivided attention more than a devout churchgoer whose Bible she carries under her arm.

He stated on Andy Dosty’s Daybreak Hitz that “God does not love hypocrites.”

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