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Urgent Notice: Turn on a critical Android setting to protect yourself from harmful apps.

On Android, you can find all kinds of dangerous apps.

Hackers are so smart that they are even getting past the checkers for the Google Play Store and spreading viruses to people who don’t know about it.

We hear all the time about sketchy apps being caught with malware and other bad things.

So, even if it’s from the Google Play Store, you should always think twice about what you download.

Aside from that, there are also some helpful things on your phone.

Google Play Protect is a free service that is supposed to help keep your apps safe and your data private.

It does this by making sure that your apps and devices don’t do anything bad.

You can scan any apps you want to download from Google Play before you do so.

It will even stop harmful apps from running or delete them if it thinks something is wrong.

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