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WATCH: Jackie Appiah Flaunts Expensive Diamond Bracelet She Bought In Dubai

Without a question, Jackie Appiah is the nation’s traveling minister. She leads the most opulent lifestyle of any Ghanaian celebrity, at least according to what her social media accounts portray.

The Ghanaian actress’s favorite place to travel is Dubai, and she recently provided a recap of her opulent trip there on her official Instagram page.

Jackie Appiah was spotted recently shopping at some of the most opulent clothes and fashion stores in the world. She went to the Fendi store and bought some bags and other things there.

A rare, diamond-encrusted golden bracelet was one of the items that and purchased.

Knowing well how trolls operate in Ghana, Jackie had the dealer test if it was real and not fake.

She ordered the shop attendant to use a diamond tester to test the quality of diamonds used on the bracelet. The LED lights on the tester lit up to the red zone, signifying that the stones on her wrists were real diamonds.

The Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah, intentionally posted the video on her Instagram page to prove that she surely does not wear fake like other celebrities but deals in only original products.

Check out the video below.

Social media users went crazy in the comment section after watching the video of Jackie Appiah ‘chilling’ and shopping for expensive products in Dubai.

pearls_fashionhauz commented: If class was human
nyameba_posh said: Obiaa boa
veraakuaadubea. twumasi commented: Go, girl… enjoy your life to the fullest ❤️❤️❤️
enyonamv asked if Jackie remembered her while she was shopping: Hope you are buying something for me

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