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Britain reports: Nigerian guy says; no cars on the roadways. The small sun’ has startled them(Video)

A Nigerian guy currently living in the UK has spoken of his astonishment at the way white people live.

He uploaded a video on TikTok showing him strolling along deserted streets.

All the people are hiding inside their homes, the man said, since they are afraid of the sun.

The guy’s explanation for why people had left the streets was that the British government had issued a precautionary warning to its residents.

He said that a public warning had already been issued to citizens regarding the risks of venturing outside on that day due to the extreme heat.

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It was a very hot day, but being a native Nigerian he was used to the heat and went about his day as if it were any other sunny day.

The boy further disclosed that the warning was taken seriously by the employer, who allowed a three-hour break for the staff to pour water over their heads. But he claims he did something different with the chance and time he had.

The Nigerian guy providing tours of the deserted road made light of the British sun, claiming that it was not as hot as the sun in Upper Iweka, Nigeria, where he was from.

See the video down below:

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