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Kanye West Has Sent Words To Kim Kardashian’s Sister For Help To Win Her Back.

Kanye West reportedly hopes to reunite with his ex-wife in the wake of Kim Kardashian’s split from Pete Davidson.

In early 2021, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian announced they were divorcing after being married for almost seven years. Their divorce trial is scheduled for December of that year.

However, the rapper-turned-designer has allegedly enlisted assistance to halt the proceedings.

According to reports, Kanye West is hoping Kourtney Kardashian can help him reestablish contact with Kim.
According to a close associate of the musician, who spoke to the Sun, “Even now, Kanye’s passion for Kim hasn’t faded. He hopes to win her back so that they may be a complete unit once more. To Kanye, nothing is more important than his family.”

Even before Kanye and Kim got married, “he had been acquainted with Kourtney for years,” the insider claims.

West is counting on Kardashian’s sister to help him win her back and prove to her that they were destined to be together.

“They are all still like family, it’s all love between them, and they have all supported each other through their ups and downs,” the insider went on to say.

“Kanye is counting on Kim’s older sister to advocate on his behalf. He is hopelessly in love with Kim.”

West’s representative has remained silent on the matter.

Fans are speculating that Kardashian and West have made up.
Many of Kardashian’s followers appeared to think Kimye was back on after she and Davidson broke up. The actress recently posted an Instagram photo of herself in a white bikini and a “The Incredibles” t-shirt.

Following West’s comparison of his and Kardashian’s family to the Pixar film in an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” fans were quick to draw parallels between the two images.

But West’s response to Kardashian and Davidson’s split could have destroyed his prospects.

West’s ongoing harassment of Davidson could have been the final nail in the coffin for Kimye, even if he could have regained Kardashian’s favor with the help of her sister.

West posted a bogus photograph to Instagram proclaiming “Skete Davidson’s” death after the breakup news became public.

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