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Kofi Adoma’s Wife Collapses After Being Allegedly Attacked By Unknown Attackers

We stumbled across a report that described how Mrs. Miracle Adoma, the spouse of Angel Broadcasting Network news director Kofi Adoma, fell after he was somehow attacked on Friday night when she was returning home by some unknown attackers.

According to the article published by AngelOnline.com, she was on her way home when she observed the mysterious men following her around Agbogba, which is also the location of her husband’s attack about a week ago.

When she became aware of this, she went to the Agbogba police and sought refuge there. According to the story, the police offered her an escort back to her house, but she soon collapsed out from shock and was taken to a local medical facility.

Just a few days prior, her spouse was critically wounded in an attack. The C.E.O. of Kofi TV and host of the morning show on Angel FM, who was returning from Kuntunse, a suburb of Accra, was allegedly attacked by these unidentified males on motorcycles.

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