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Nana Yaa – The Mona Gucci attire I’m wearing disproves my parents’ belief that I’m the devil.

Nana Yaa was shaken by the frightening comments of Mona Gucci.
Nana Yaa, a friend of Mona’s, has received a troubling audio message from Mona Gucci.

Nana Yaa

After contacting her gods and learning the opposite, Mona Gucci accuses Nana Yaa of disseminating false information about her in the audio message.

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Mona Gucci asserts the existence of a deity. Mona Gucci allegedly cut off communication with Nana Yaa after she declined Mona Gucci’s plea for rent assistance, according to Nana Yaa’s accusation on the gossip website Tutugyaguonline.

Mona Gucci

The voice note made it apparent that Mona Gucci would never forgive Nana Yaa and would demonstrate her nasty character.

According to rumors, Mona Gucci’s parents are aware of her vices, thus she would act evilly to prove it to Nana Yaa.

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