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Sheggz tells Bella in Big Brother Nigeria, “You’re nothing, and our relationship here is not even serious.”

Housemates Sheggz and Bella argued in the Big Brother Naija Season 7 house because Bella hadn’t fed Sheggz.

During their fight, Sheggz told Bella that their relationship isn’t serious and that she means nothing to him.

For some reason, Sheggz claimed he had never asked Bella to cook dinner for the two of them before. He says he’s doing it out of the goodness of his heart, but unfortunately, Bella turned down his offer of help.

He then reprimanded her for her egotism and self-centeredness.

Says he:

“Bella, you’re being so self-absorbed right now. Just this one, I asked you to cook something for us, and you flat-out refused. I made the food, and now you’re being a baby by stating you refuse to eat it. If I have a spouse, I don’t cook for just myself; I cook for the two of us.

You’re nothing, and this isn’t even a serious relationship, so stop taking yourself so seriously. It’s also not a big deal. If you’re going to act childish, I’m going to act childish back.

Play the video down below;

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