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Maame Water Ba and Asamoah Gyan Beef Alert; Fans can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

The so-called daughter of Maame Water (Marine spirit), Akosua Moon Goddess, has called Asamoah Gyan’s bluff and dared him to do the worst possible thing by blaming him for the death of music icon Castro.

She stated she stands by her claim that Asamoah Gyan murdered Castro and that a recent threat he made against her over the claims was completely baseless.

“Look down on me, do I represent Christianity? There is no biblical authority for my revelation. So if you think I’m lying, come down on me. I’ll be here as long as you take to come to find me. To whom have you attributed the idea that I require the interest of murderers? anger boiled over in her.

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“I don’t need killer’s attention, so if you claim what I said was incorrect, rise, get up, and descend on me,” she added. If you don’t stop doing this, I’ll come down on you hard. You slew your comrade.

Before this video, Gyan had already threatened her in the video, saying, “If I descend on you…” Gyan, while singing along to Hannah Marfo’s “Akristofo Adooso,” says in the video.

Reportedly, Castro and his acquaintance Miss Janet Bandu drowned in the Ada Estuary while jet skiing with Asamoah Gyan.


The authorities were able to locate the jet ski they were riding that day of the accident, but they were unable to locate their remains despite an extensive search.

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