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Medikal Jumps Into The Feud Between Lyrical Joe And Amerado, Claims Joe Is Extremely Disrespectful

Medikal, a rapper, seems to be picking up on the tension between Lyrical Joe and Amerado and, after hearing all sides, has come to the conclusion that Lyrical Joe is being very rude by asking if he should step up.

There was a heated exchange between Lyrical Joe and Amerado until Delay put the latter to order, but now Lyrical Joe doesn’t seem to care and is giving it hot to Amerado, who is probably debating whether or not to respond.

Medikal believes that Lyrical Joe has won his fight with Amerado by a landslide and that Joe’s diss tracks were incredibly disrespectful to Amerado and a few others who were given great shots.

Fans have urged Medikal not to join the beef, saying that he has little chance of winning should he chose to record a diss track for either of them, and that he would be stepping down if he did so.

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