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Beyonce Tried To Attack Me For Speaking To Jay-Z – 50 Cent Recounts [Video]

50 Cent recounted a fascinating story about a time Beyonce nearly assaulted him merely for speaking with her husband, Jay-Z.

According to the rapper, Queen Bey truly believed he had malicious intent towards her husband and stepped in to defend him like a mama bear. During a recent visit on the Breakfast Club with Charlamane tha God, 50 disclosed this.

According to him, he was in Las Vegas when he met Jay-Z and tried to initiate a conversation, only for Beyonce to pop in like a gangster.

“She jumped out. She was on a window sill,” he revealed.

I was like, ‘Oh, s—!’ I didn’t really know what to do. It was one of those situations when you was like, ‘Woah!’ If you say this to Jay, he’ll look at you and go, ‘Nah, that happened.’”

“I’m like, ‘Wait, what is you doing? That’s me and Jay-Z’s stuff, this ain’t got nothing to do with you, girl.” he added.

Curtis Jackson, said he understood Beyonce’s concern because he and Jay-Z had taken shots at each other in their lyrics.

However, he stated that this does not imply that they would ever meet physically.

You think I wanna do something to him? We don’t wanna do nothing to each other.” 50 said.

Beyonce, however, clearly thought something physical was coming and happily jumped in to defend her husband.

Watch full interview below;

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