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Erica Nlewedim appears shocked as she responds to Groovy’s on-screen role.

Erica Nlewedim, an actress, reacts to Groovy’s appearance on the show, and she appears astonished. With a new post, Erica has subtly entered the Groovy-Phyna-Amaka-Chomzy Relationship Drama.

Lies are so annoying, Erica Nlewedim wrote in a post during the time Groovy was lying to Phyna and the other girls.

Because of Groovy, Beauty, a possible BBnaija Level Up season champion, was disqualified. Later, she discovers that the man she had chosen had been expelled for pursuing women, and she counseled Beauty to leave him.

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There is now chaos on level 2 of the home, where these housemates are located. Due to the ongoing drama, Phyna the woman has renounced her friendship with Amaka.

One might call Groovy a liar after watching the show and observing how he goes about misleading the girls and likely leading Phyna astray. After the two suddenly started getting close and the Saturday night commotion, Erica tweeted about it yesterday.

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