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Tiwa Savage was criticized after asserting that the song “Somebody’s Son” is about Jesus: “How Can You Tell Us This Story?”

According to Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage, her son, “Somebody’s Son,” was inspired by Jesus.

She claims that Jesus is the “Somebody’s son” in the song who she hopes will one day discover and save her.

However, the news has startled a lot of her supporters. They claim that there is no connection between the song’s inspiration and its words.

‘You know, when I wrote this song, a lot of people told me it wasn’t gonna be heated because only females will sing along to it They said Tiwa, this isn’t gonna be heat because Men won’t be able to sing somebody’s son but you know what I told them, when I wrote this song, I was not even thinking about a relationship, I was thinking about Jesus Christ because he is the real somebody’s son.so I said to them, people will relate to the song because whether you are a man or a woman, we all need somebody’s son’ Tiwa Savage said.

Even after her justification, many people are still unconvinced.

Apart from Vice President Bawumia, a Twitter user going by the handle @Gbemi Trabaye believes Tiwa is the world’s best liar.

Below are reactions from admiring admirers to Savage’s latest disclosure.

Over 24 million people have viewed Someone’s Son on YouTube since its premiere ten months ago.

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