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Ashanti Region: Police Gives Update on Abuakwa Robbery

Earlier today, the Police in the Ashanti Region was on manhunt for two robbers, Ghnewfile reports.

The Ashanti Regional Police Command launched an intense anti-robbery operation to arrest two robbers who attacked two families in a house at Abuakwa in the Ashanti Region wielding machetes and robbed them of some valuables and also escaped with one of the female residents of the house.

According to the victims, at about 01:15 am they heard an unusual noise at the main gate of their house. They came out to see what was happening and two men holding machetes suddenly emerged, pushed them back to their rooms and collected an unspecified sum of money and four mobile phones from them.

The Police said they were working around the clock to rescue the victim and bring the perpetrators to face justice. Whilst doing this, they entreated the public to be security conscious at all times and avoid doing things that make them vulnerable to attacks.

In the latest development, the Police have successfully rescued the female victim who was taken away by the armed robbers.

According to the Police, The victim is being taken for medical review and psycho-social care.

They are still on a manhunt to arrest the robbers and promised to get them.

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