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I said it: Stonebwoy is a fo0l! Tinny loses control and lashes out at a coworker for settling his debt without contacting him

In a fit of rage, Ga Hiphop supporter and seasoned rapper Tinny called Stonebwoy stupid for proposing to pay his “debt” without first calling him to verify it.

On Okay FM, Tinny let out some steam over a business associate who had paid money to an event organizer who claimed Tinny was his owner without first phoning to verify the validity of the man’s assertion.

“I saw it as just a bunch of fools, a bunch of idiots who had gotten the opportunity to be on the radio. Mercury Quaye is number one, the top idiot. The other guy who was also speaking was also a fool. And I wasn’t expecting my colleague Stonebwoy to also be a fool. Stonebwoy also joined the fools to be a fool,” Tinny asserted.

He claimed that he wouldn’t pull Stonebwoy out when Abeiku Santana, who interviewed him, said that Stonebwoy was only acting as a Good Samaritan in the circumstance, thus he had to eliminate him from his ferocious posture.

He continued by saying that the bloggers who reported the story were likewise stupid for not calling him to confirm the information provided by the event organizer.

Remember how Tinny charged a show promoter in Worawora, in the Oti Region, 2,000 to headline his show, but he failed to show up? That story went viral back in May of this year.

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