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Schoolboy Proposes to His Female Teacher in a Viral Video, Setting Off a Frenzy Among the Other Students Who Were Watching

In a video that has gone viral, a student made a teacher proposal.

In the brief video posted to TikTok by @stjrbu, the youngster in a white and black uniform was seen getting down on one knee and proposing to the teacher while holding up a ring.

The pupils who were there at the scene cheered wildly in response to the boy’s audacious action.

He startled the instructor.
The black child stood up and again kneeled in front of the dumbfounded teacher as she was about to turn away.

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In the distance, a girl could be heard pleading with the teacher to accept.

The teacher unexpectedly threw her hands in the air without taking the ring as the pupils continued to applaud.

When she did this, the boy stood up and received hugs from delighted male classmates. It’s unclear which institution it occurred in or whether the idea was intended as a joke.

View the video here:

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