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I don’t intend to live in Ghana, so I want to naturalize as an American or British citizen, says Yaw Tog.

Thorsten Owusu Gyimah, a celebrated Ghanaian rapper better known by his stage as Yaw Tog, has expressed a desire to obtain the US or UK citizenship.

The young rapper says he plans to continue his education in one of the aforementioned countries, and that while doing so, he will battle his way through the procedure to become a citizen of one of those countries before finishing his studies.

When Yaw Tog appeared on the Uncut Show with lifestyle and celebrity blogger Zionfelix, he stated that the economic condition in Ghana is unacceptable. This is particularly accurate now that he has started to take care of his responsibilities.

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He asserted that he had never felt the heat that Ghanaians were lamenting because his parents supported him before he completed his secondary education. He came to the conclusion that “adulthood is a swindle” after becoming an adult and having to support himself, and as a result, he plans to immigrate to one of the most industrialized countries in the world.

Yaw Tog said he wants to experience life in the western culture and a different environment rather than staying in Ghana permanently.

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