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After meeting him at an event, US singer Selena Gomez excitedly kisses Nigerian celebrity, Rema.

After meeting at his concert in Los Angeles, the United States, American singer Selena Gomez, and Nigerian singer Rema had a memorable moment.
As part of his North American tour, the singer Rema brought his show to Los Angeles, where Selena Gomez, another popular American singer, came to see it.

A fan named @Lowie Gold1 said, “Not Selena Gomez coming to Rema’s show in the US. Rem will become the most celebrity of all. Young Prince, do your thing. Your heritage will be bigger.”

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Another fan, @Heisjamil, said, “Selena Gomez kissed Rem twice and went to Rem’s concert in Los Angeles. Please, this crap has different levels. I’m not okay.”

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