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Empress Gifty flaunts her toned body as she responds to naysayers (video)

Empress Gifty, a gospel singer from Ghana, has retaliated against those who criticized her for donning a corset.
In a recent video, Empress Gifty gave her fans a complete view of her body, which she claims makes her detractors sad whenever they see her movies or pictures.

She asserted that critics who desired a snatched physique similar to hers were currently donning the corsets they had previously denounced.

She has warned the ladies who are currently walking in her footsteps to be gentle with themselves.

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In a video showing her promoting goods for several fashion firms, Hopeson Adorye’s wife detailed how she got her voluptuous shape.

“My body is by Mrs. Adorye. You guys are pained! I am giving you back-to-back pressure. You will soon vomit from wearing those tight corsets. Just take a look at my flat stomach. A little display of body here and there. I can tell that you guys are experiencing heartache. You will die,” Empress Gifty declared.

Empress Gifty has been accused of improving her physique, but she has not yet addressed the allegations.

The singer has been sharing stories from her vacation on social media while she is currently out of town.

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