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Kanye West receives harsh criticism from social media for wanting his new Yeezy Gap collection to sell out of trash bags.

Kanye West is being Kanye West, but it appears that social media users do not understand why he is acting in the manner that we have come to expect from him. Who else would sell the Yeezy Gap collection made from trash bags if Kanye didn’t? Jay-Z?

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There are more than just their pants among the group of Kanye West supporters.

The former rapper-turned-fashion designer is receiving criticism online for holding a sale for his most recent clothesline using trash bags.

A Twitter user from New York posted a picture of disorganized goods crammed into huge black garbage bags on the floor of a Gap store, “This is how they are selling Yeezy GAP.”

The salesperson claimed that Ye became irate when he noticed that they were hanging up [his clothes] because “this is how he wanted it,” according to the eyewitness.

They said, “They won’t help you discover [your] size; you just have to rummage through everything.”

The photo provoked a significant outcry, with many detractors criticizing West for his “fetish” of utilizing the poor as “fashion muses.”

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This is how Kanye West supporters criticize him online;

The dissenter claimed that “it’s everything that is wrong with billionaires.” It’s awful that they “no longer perceive the situation of people, they don’t see humans who are suffering, they see an opportunity to be ‘edgy’ and profit from it.”

This has to be a social experiment, one person said, while another jokingly wrote, “Finally, something to satiate my inclination to burrow.”

I can say this would make me quit my job if I were still on the graphics team, said another incensed fan, who claimed to have seen a similar Yeezy Gap display at a store in Houston.

This excessive s-t must end. One social media user joked, “Buddy looks like he’s about to sit down for a haircut in that T,” while another remarked on the irony of “fishing a $240 hoodie out of a garbage bag.”

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