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Robert Lewandowski, a former player for Bayern Munich, discusses their conversation with Sadio Mané before FC Barcelona’s exit.

On July 12, while Robert Lewandowski was playing his last game for Bayern Munich, he ran into Sadio Mané, a recent signing.

People have been speculating about what the two celebs were discussing for a few weeks now ever since the pair were spotted having a conversation.

Now that we know, thanks to Lewandowski. The two discussed how they were in similar stages of their respective careers and the reasons behind their decisions. Lewandowski’s transfer to FC Barcelona was just days away, while Mané had just left Liverpool.

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“We spoke for long. He said he understood me. His situation was the same. I’m only a few years older and have a family. He understood exactly what I had in mind,” Robert Lewandowski told Sport1’s Kerry Hau (as captured by @iMiaSanMia). “He said he thought it was a pity, but he understood me because he also needed a new challenge.”

It is amusing to consider how both players finally want a new challenge at this point in their careers and how they briefly crossed paths, but it could be a little more entertaining to picture how the pair would have played together.

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